Saturday, February 11, 2012


They say its the birthplace of humankind on Earth. Maybe Earth is the birthplace of humankind in the universe. Maybe this universe is the birthplace of humanity in a greater entity unknown to us. Maybe that cycle never ends


The mind projects an image that the neurons direct with routine and specific pattern sequences of activating and firing off; neurons, of course, are activated by the light rays which entered the eye. The mind creates the reality we live in, dependant on micro-organisms to create organizations with run and maintain most of the bodily functions. We, as a species, have no idea how these micro organizations function, and yet they keep us alive; to note: doctors are necessary to handle issues of these micro ogranizations which they do with chemicals in medicine which aim to disturb the bodies chemical process (attacking the micro organizations) so that the micro organizations have no choice to fight or die, on the cellular level. These micro organizations are under attack, threatened with death, and fight for their lives against the doctor prescribed medicine. These doctors are not just fighting chemicals as we believe but fighting tiny kingdoms; I say kingdoms because the organization of the millions of microscopic part are performing in perfect harmony in order to carry out a selfless of plan essentially keep the human alive. Humans don't have to worry about our health, the micro organizations take that stress away for free, granted they might fail from time to time. This I believe to be usually the fault of the human mind, which follows the will and chooses not to follow common sense, which is seen in lazy people that don't work out at all,  and damage their micro organizations in the process. The micro organizations were doing their part for the betterment of the universe,  just like we should be putting all of our effort into running the planet. In the future, in control of earthquakes, weather, resource production,  etc the human race will maintain the planets abilities as to capatilize monetary gain. Once technology is capable of controlling something such as a volcano or earthquake, companies will find ways of profiting off of it; just as they profit off of global warming,  and go green organizations profit off of a surging billion dollar business. The goal of the human is to collect enough money to live comfortably by reducing or (and in millions of cases seen worldwide) eliminanating the stress of money. The stress of money is the most important goal in life, since it keeps you alive, one less stress set down and it just so happens to be heaviest bag of bricks.  This results in a lack of focus on health(the micro organizations) until the monetary stress is relieved; once that is achieved many switch their attention to health,  since they can afford to. The micro organizations, however, do not have that issue of greed and focus all thedir attention on working together in order to do your part ; out it this way, Humans should be fully concerned and dedicated to the organism that we survive in,  planet Earth. Just as the micro organizations work tirelessly to ensure their habitat, which usually lasts about 70 years, can enjoy a healthy life, since they will benefit off it. If the heart doesn't has to worry about a shortage or clog since the human is being taken care of well on the part of the micro organizations as a whole( the human body) . The human race , just as animals do by the way, should by attempting to run the planet in the most efficient manner possible with the most advanced technology known to man controlling the planet as a mother provides for her womb. If we could do that for our planet, we would ensure we could maintain it for as long as its takes us to migrate to another planet with a longer timespan. In the future , first only the scientists would inspect a planet, determines its features and timespan, and certain people who liked to live on a planet sharing those qualities would contemplate living there. Maybe a planet is deemed more attractive for its countless days of constant perfect weather , either naturally of by the hands of the corporations which control the weather and have great enough technology that the weather performance is flawless; just like a man paying for a seaside condo expects his weather regulation to be on point, as he invests his resources regularly into making sure he is always comfortable. Just as a landlord, company, or hotel even may err in their delievery of the perfect temperature level, the companies sponsoring life on their planet may have their flaws as well. The most well maintained planets then become the new (best places to live on the world). The greediest and most famous human beings will live on the best planets, and the other 60000 trillion human beings living in common level planets. This is what happens when a bacteria enters the body; the bacteria begins as a isolated group of intelligence,  which after a while (sometime days sometimes weeks) learn to adapt to their surroundings, analyze potentially growth of species present in surroundings, invade the bodies cells, extract the resources its needs to survive, and moves on to the next cell until its species grows tremendously ; in the case of cancer cells we call that death.  Humans are in the beginning stages of solving the mystery of jumping onto another cell(which in out case in another life sustaining earth like planet. Once we understand how to spread out we will spread out in every direction in conquest of new earth's, and essentially suck the universe dry of its resources. Which is why the universe is constantly expanding , its an organism attempting to do its best so that the humans never run out of resources. The universe is doing its part for us, and in turn something is expending its resources to make sure that our universe has enough resources to expend; just as an ant is oblivious to our way of life since they are several levels below our intelligence and have a miniscule understanding of knowledge. We are not the peak of civilization,  we are just ant in another species reality. The important note to make is that they dont just step on us as we step on ants. The universe is noble in sustaining us (just as a human sustains the life of a micro organism)  and we should be following the course of reality on an infinite level which instinctively lets us know we should be caring for the planet and its inhabitants. We will be evolved enough to the point one day that all animal species are controlled by human being led institutions. The human beings by that time would have figured out how to create new planets with advanced technology and genius architects designing them. At the point when a planet can be dedicated to an animals,( the animal organization has to have enough currency, of course) the animal( which only knows a simple and happy life ) views the human corporation as God. Back in the day we had different gods,  and today we have multiple Gods, but don't forget gods are just organizations of a larger, more advanced and powerful entity we rely on to sustain life; just as the birds on their specific planet pardise  saw the human organization God for investing in us. Just as a bank thanks clients for investing with them , just as our dogs see us as God and will die in order to protect us; just as people fight and die everyday for the preservation and expansion of their religious following. Just as overwhelming amounts of evidence point to the fact that people constantly throughout human history have held faith in different gods. Some might say these Gods were mere myths, but when you have people putting their faith into something and dying for that faith, what's to say that doesnt sounds very different from what goes on today. These Gods were merely maintaining the human beings for a short period, doing the right thing and assisting the advancement of the human race. Eventually the Gods grew upset with the humans selfish and greedy ways, and cut their losses so that they can move on to another entity. Either that, or the human race has a tendency to create false realities; maybe once our brains evolve more we can understand the true reality in its entirety. Until then, its important to critically evaluate the faster possible method to achieving that understanding,  so that one is not living the life of an ant drowned in ignorance.  If this divine knowledge is possible, it would give vast understanding of the soul and our place in the universe, God or no God.    

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pardon me

A highly ranked official may issue a suspect a pardon just as one civilian pardons another civilian ; the latter which occurs thousands and even million times more frequently than that of a highly ranked official.  When a suspect of a crime is pardoned,  their alleged  trespasses of the law are forgiven and forgotten.  Ordinary people deal with dozens of pardons each and everyday. Business men spend ravishly in order to impress a vital client,  essentially lavishing the client in order to beg for a pardon; the pardon takes place because the businessman are taking up time in the clients day.  The client is impressed with the presentation and forgives the businessman for potentially wasting his time by not reassuring him by that point that he would be guaranteed a profit. When the deal occurs sides of equal magnitude the businessman make less of an effort to impress the client,  since the client is fully sure of his potential gains since the businessman are prestigious in what they do. Even people on an everyday level,  who need a lane to walk through when there isn't one and a confrontation with another human is necessary. One invades the space of another , sometimes breaching the touch barrier in order to get the others attention.  The person,  now violated, unsure,  and ignorant to the actions cause,  directs attention towards the one seeking a pardon. The violator now begs for a pardon,  sometimes heard as "pardon me" and hints toward what exactly is issue requiring another's attention may be. The person usually is then reassured, and usually volunteer instantaneously to assist the violator on his path, as well as reassure the violator no harm was done,  usually heard as "no problem."However if one is already in a safe environment and is unafraid of any danger from intrusion of personal space , it may not be necessary to expect or exercise pardons regularily,  as family is expected to be pardoned for the sake of love for another family member. They say each man is his own king, and is at the center of the universe and its an issue with most everyone,  not just kings and queens and presidents and dictators, but each and every one of us;  just as the dad inspects the future in-laws of their worthiness before full acceptance into his own kingdom.


We need food to sustain life and to create and develop new life. But merely food, skin, and bones is not what makes us tick,  as the breath of life is also available to us ; the dead have a body,  but lack the breath of life as it has moved from one physical body made of food to another. It is the breath which carries a consciousness from one life to another. What it leaves behind, however,  when transferring from body to body is the mind and its experiences,  which is reverted to a blank slate upon rebirth. The mind is both a vacuum of senses and images and an internal judgement maker.  The mind eventually,  depending on the individual,  develops understanding,  which separates the mind of a human from that of an animal. The understanding portion of the mind forms concepts and thinks critically,  which can be advanced depending on the person.  Should one train and develop a fit mind and dedicate themselves to the understanding of their inner self,  that one may become closer to Brahman ; Brahman and the inner self are one in the same. So if one can understand their own inner self one can understand Brahman. In the process one will also understand all there is to know,  all the knowledge ever to be known , from the beginning of everything to its end and everything in between. So,  by understanding ones own true reality it is also possible to understand everyone else's true reality,  as Brahman is at the core of everything and it is the same reality in each of us,  merely multiplied to an infinite amount.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The three humans came into contact with an extraterrestrial piece of matter. The matter somehow affected the three guys,  and they began to evolve, just as an animal that comes into contact with unsuitable living conditions and is forced to rapidly adapt. At first the three guys were overwhelmed by the sensation,  and were injured in the process. The evolutionary process occurred in its entirety during the time they were unconscious, which is second in speed and evolutionary efficiency only to bacteria; in comparison, we believed it took several thousand years for us to evolve from homo erectus to homo sapian. In adapting to the foreign substance, they therefore defend themselves against further bodily harm from this alien substance,  which also led to a few consequences.  The most prominent addition to their natural capabilities lies in the form of mind control over matter. Philosophers have inquired that there is a separation of mind or soul and the material word,  which some believe is constantly being manipulated by the mind. Maybe just for the fact that everything we know and experienced is just a collection of senses and neurotransmitters firing off.  The mind paints a picture so vivid we simply ignore its source. The guys past time every day by sharpening their matter bending abilities. One way or another,  one of them listened to his animal instinct more and become an alpha predator,  or an animal that is friends with no-one and only thinks about itself and its own survival. He instinctly loses touch with his human side,  since he is more evolved and probably technically not a human just as a human is not a primate.  His mind is superior to that of a human,  and it gives him an unimaginable advantage in battle ; just as humans have used our superior intellect to rise above all other animals. Being of an entirely different and superior race, its understandable why the rogue one felt his acts of violence towards humans were acceptable; the same level of grief a human might feel while killing a small defenseless animal for food.  I believe owning a higher level of intelligence pressured him to put survival above all other desires,  including the desire to care and love for others, especially those of another, inferior, race.  The truth must be that surviving is the most important and relevant desire,  and the will focuses itself entirely on expending all the bodies resources to further the beings superiority to its surrounding environmental residents. At this moment of him realizing his alpha predator tendancies he became an instant threat to all life on earth,  which is why he needed to be elimanated and his cousin had no choice but to put him down,  just as an out-of-control animal would be put to sleep. Its my person theory however that he became an alpha predator merely because of his human past experiences with bullies. His whole life he was forced to feel inferior,  and he understands fully how dangerous it is to his physical as well as mental state to remain inferior. Once he achieved and realized his power,  there was absolutely no going back to a life of inferiority. The other two evolved beings lived a life of superiority even as humans,  which is why they felt not the need to be extreme or desperate in their means of survival.


Created, utilized, and arguably perfected the Socratic method used in his famous dialogues solely for the purpose of seeking an answer to the classic question " what am I to do?  What is the purpose of life." He seeked not only a truthful answer from himself,  but of many of those he encountered so that he may compare the definition of life.  The knowledge gained from answering the ancient inquiry is a form of knowledge higher than that of the technical world of math, science, and false values that we were born into.  Having lived in this world of corruption and individual mindsets presses upon us unknowningly, we have lost sight of the critical and essential, selfless and pious goal of life,  and in the meantime seem to not care enough about the subject to ponder the meaning of life more than a few moments a day, if that.  Socrates is the only one who has expertise of the superior knowledge , which would explain his dedication for universal  enlightenment